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Women Holding Hands


Connection is a professionally-led group designed for 3rd and 4th grader Flint Hill students to assist them in identifying and navigating  the “rules” that govern relationships. This six-week group combines science-backed, evidence-based techniques to help kids comprehend their increasingly complex social world. Kids participating in the group will build important social skills related to communication, finding your people, awareness of self and others, self-care/hygiene,conflict resolution, and building lasting friendships. Connection was created to build skills, confidence and self-esteem in kids with communication or relational difficulties.

CONNECTION: Social Skills for Building and Keeping Healthy Relationships

Curriculum Includes:


Social Skills Development

  • Identifying your peer group: finding friends with shared interests, activities, or skills.

  • Making and keeping friends: how to build and grow friendships

  • Conversation skills: learning the rules and art of reciprocal conversation, asking questions, and sharing information


Self-Care and Emotion Regulation

  • Stress management and emotion regulation strategies

  • Managing negative emotions, depression or anxiety related to challenges with socialization

  • Personal hygiene and why it is important to maintaining social relationships


Conflict Resolution and Safety

  • Strategies to help resolve conflicts within friendships

  • Accepting social rules or expectations and their consequences

  • Understanding social expectations, boundaries, and safety

  • Internet safety and the appropriate use of social media

Maximum size of the group is 10 members.


Facilitators: Dr. Laura Gray, Clinical Psychologist and Cate Riihimaki, LPC      

Thursdays, 3pm-4pm       Group sessions begin on April 4th            Located on Lower School Campus, Flint Hill


Cost: $125.00 per 60-minute group for six (6) group meetings  (includes intake meeting and group material costs) 

          Co-faciltators will provide participating families with documentation (Superbill) for insurance purposes.


703.829.6993 (Laura)

703.705.7675 (Cate)



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