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Parent consultation sessions are offered in conjunction with individual or group therapy for your child. Parent sessions are crucial to support your child’s progress, to help to identify and change unhelpful patterns at home, and for parents to learn strategies to best support their child.


Parent consultation can also be offered separately from direct services for your child. Sometimes, youth are not yet willing to engage in treatment, but parents may benefit from parent training to learn behavior management strategies, effective reward/consequences, patterns that maintain undesirable behaviors, limit-setting, and problem-solving.


Cate and Laura have provided trainings and given presentations for students, teachers, coaches, parents, administrators, and other individuals who work with children. We have presented in all levels of education: preschool, elementary, middle, high school, as well as at the college-level. Please contact us if you have a certain topic you would like us to address. Examples of past trainings include, but are not limited to: The Power of Play  Emotional Regulation, Adolescent Grief & Trauma, Stress Management, Mindfulness and the Brain, and Living with Chronic Pain. References available upon request.

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